Prevent recruiter spam.

Low effort recruiters waste your time, and make it difficult to determine real opportunities. RecruitMe lets you be paid for your time, and ensure recruiters you talk to are serious.

How it works

Connect your Inbox and set Rate

Your time is worth a certain amount, and you should be compensated for it. Your rate reflects what you would like for you to review an opportunity.

We auto-respond to cold outreach

Sit back and revel in a clean inbox. We send a polite message and invoice to any recruiter emails we detect (see FAQ), allowing them to prove that their opportunity is valuable.

Receive Qualified Leads

When a recruiter shows that they are serious, we put their message to the top of your inbox, as well as alerting you. You can arrange your discussion and interview as you typically would, while knowing that the opportunity is serious.

Inbox Monitoring

Entirely in your email

After the initial set up, all of RecruitMe is entirely in your inbox. Emails we detect are segmented it into a folder, so they are still completely accessible to you at any time.

Give Serious Opportunities a Chance

We'll automatically respond to recruiter outreach with an invoice for your time. When the invoice is paid, we'll move the outreach to the top of your inbox, and make sure you are aware of a hot opportunity.

Weekly Summary Emails

We'll send you a weekly summary of the messages that we blocked,

No up-front costs

There is no up-front or monthly fee. You only pay when you are paid.

  • Unlimited Inboxes
  • No monthly fee
  • You only pay when you are paid